nothing little about it

How is it July already. Jew-lie.

My anchors are the peo­ple I spend time with; the only rea­son for me to remem­ber the days of the week. Otherwise, I’d lose track of time as the sum­mer slips through my fin­gers.

It feels like I’m liv­ing the same life I had back in my apart­ment on Lees, soon after grad­u­a­tion; unem­ployed, sin­gle, keep­ing myself busy, co-habi­tat­ing with two cats, not going out much, not hav­ing any long-term goals, and not over-think­ing things. I’m doing what I want. My needs are being met. I’m invest­ing in the right kinds of rela­tion­ships. I’m enjoy­ing things as they are now, instead of try­ing to chase a sense of hap­pi­ness in the future.

This means I get to focus on one project at a time. Being able to lose myself in some­thing for days is a lux­u­ry I’ve rarely had. I think I’ve always pre­ferred to work like this, but hav­ing a 9–5 job tends to get in the way.

magnetic poetry

My eyes go straight to one line.

At the same time, I feel com­plete­ly obliv­i­ous to some things. I don’t have cable, so I can’t remem­ber the last time I saw a com­mer­cial. I nev­er know what movies are out. I’ve start­ed see­ing par­o­dies of pop­u­lar songs before I hear the orig­i­nals.

I used to be afraid that these were signs I was los­ing touch with the world, turn­ing into an old man, but I don’t mind any­more. There’s so much shal­low con­sumerism, celebri­ty obses­sion, and dis­pos­able cul­ture out there, and I don’t want any­thing to do with any of it.

I’ll just live in my lit­tle world, big enough to get lost in.

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