is this it

I learned that the mea­sure of a man is his abil­i­ty to stir-fry bok choi hearts.

That High Fidelity is the new (500) Days of Summer.

That it’s nice to be need­ed.

That I still won­der if I’m for­got­ten.

That it’s not so much that I don’t have any­thing to write about, but noth­ing ever seems impor­tant enough to put down on paper nowa­days.

That I say oh my god a lot.

That food poi­son­ing is like a lax­a­tive for both ends.

That I’m allowed to miss her.

That it’s okay to think oth­ers are cute too.

That I’m doing the whole Swingers thing with Lisa, where she’s try­ing to con­vince me I’m a big fuck­ing bear.

That I can’t read sig­nals.

That it does­n’t mat­ter whether or not you’re invit­ed, as long as you’re hap­py where you are.


  1. You are so not for­got­ten. Ever. Really.

    You + big fuck­ing bear = not com­pute.

    That cat is AMAZINGLY sharp.

  2. WOW! She could be a cat train­er for the movies! Plus she is super-duper cute too!!! I am so going to share this video!

  3. Hope you’re feel­ing bet­ter, Jeff. Food poi­son­ing sucks.

  4. Cute cats, and cute girl with real­ly nat­ur­al looks. But she looks so young.

  5. So you are danc­ing swing? Or you are swingers as exchang­ing boyfriend/girlfriends?

    • Neither…Swingers with a cap­i­tal S. We must have watched it at some point, no?

      • Bits and pieces. Not sure. My English weren’t real­ly good back then, so I don’t remem­ber most of the sto­ry and plots cause my brain makes up most of it.

  6. Ahh my kit­ties are famous! Thanks for the kind words, com­menters of Jeff’s. And thank you for mak­ing this video, I’ve shown it to every­one I know like it’s my kid tak­ing their first steps (I don’t have a kid). The cam­era adds 10 pounds to Fry though, holy meat­ball.

    I have actu­al­ly nev­er seen Swingers (let’s please rem­e­dy that soon), so I have the same ques­tions as Causalien. But if this is about work,then you are a big fuck­ing bear!

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