is this it

I learned that the measure of a man is his ability to stir-fry bok choi hearts.

That High Fidelity is the new (500) Days of Summer.

That it’s nice to be needed.

That I still wonder if I’m forgotten.

That it’s not so much that I don’t have anything to write about, but nothing ever seems important enough to put down on paper nowadays.

That I say oh my god a lot.

That food poisoning is like a laxative for both ends.

That I’m allowed to miss her.

That it’s okay to think others are cute too.

That I’m doing the whole Swingers thing with Lisa, where she’s trying to convince me I’m a big fucking bear.

That I can’t read signals.

That it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re invited, as long as you’re happy where you are.


  1. You are so not forgotten. Ever. Really.

    You + big fucking bear = not compute.

    That cat is AMAZINGLY sharp.

  2. WOW! She could be a cat trainer for the movies! Plus she is super-duper cute too!!! I am so going to share this video!

  3. Hope you’re feeling better, Jeff. Food poisoning sucks.

  4. Cute cats, and cute girl with really natural looks. But she looks so young.

  5. So you are dancing swing? Or you are swingers as exchanging boyfriend/girlfriends?

    • Neither…Swingers with a capital S. We must have watched it at some point, no?

      • Bits and pieces. Not sure. My English weren’t really good back then, so I don’t remember most of the story and plots cause my brain makes up most of it.

  6. Ahh my kitties are famous! Thanks for the kind words, commenters of Jeff’s. And thank you for making this video, I’ve shown it to everyone I know like it’s my kid taking their first steps (I don’t have a kid). The camera adds 10 pounds to Fry though, holy meatball.

    I have actually never seen Swingers (let’s please remedy that soon), so I have the same questions as Causalien. But if this is about work,then you are a big fucking bear!

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