Dear Lisa

It was this suc­cinct wit. She could say so much in a line or two, and any­thing left unsaid would only serve to feed your curios­i­ty. You’d be giv­en the punch­line, this blow that would knock the wind out of you, then won­der what cir­cum­stances could have led up to that. I’ve always been after that style, that abil­i­ty to move peo­ple with words the way hers used to move me.

Dolly and Lisa

Of course Dolly has to sleep on any­thing new in the house, regard­less of whether it’s your sweater or not. It’s part of the sass, and yet one can’t help but reward her with cud­dles and love.

For a few years, I lost her to the hap­pi­ness (where I hope to lose myself one day) until we spent a rainy day togeth­er, blissed out and hope­ful­ly obvi­ous only to the check-out lady who scanned all our vari­eties of choco­late.

Dear Lisa believes in me, and that’s the only rea­son I believe in myself too.


  1. Can’t wait for next time.

    • There’s gonna be danc­ing! I also see myself being super self-con­scious about it.

      • Ditto (about me)! We’ll just have to con­vince those par­tic­u­lar brain cells to look the oth­er way for awhile.

  2. Jeff will­ing to dance is a big deal. Cudos to Lisa.

    • Hahahaha I can’t believe you remem­ber that! I bet you’re the only per­son who still knows this about me.

  3. How can I for­get. I almost got you to try it. I did for­get what stu­pid thing I added lat­er which gave you a rea­son not to do it.

    • Don’t feel so bad, it was­n’t just you, I’ve nev­er been com­fort­able about danc­ing (and I don’t plan on ever doing it sober). I also made a deal with Lisa that I’d try danc­ing with her if she tried jam­ming with me, though I prob­a­bly won’t hold her to it.

      • Yay!

        I will try to be a good sport though.

      • If you can play an instru­ment in front of an audi­ence, it’s the same hur­dle to get past for danc­ing.

        Alcohol real­ly helps.

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