And I shall call him Leonard and he shall be mine

I was going to wait to see how his personality developed before settling on a name, and for a while I was calling him Serge (after Gainsbourg) cause he was almost overly affectionate, constantly pawing me and rubbing my face with his. Eventually, I realized it’d be impossible for a cat to live up to such namesakes, so I went with my first choice, which was Leonard. It has Leo in it, which is perfect for anything from the felidae family. I could never call him Lenny though cause “Lenny Cohen” sounds so wrong to me.

Leonard the cat on Dolly


I love cats with goofy faces, and I can tell Leonard has a bit of one already from the way his cheeks puff out. I also like my cats fat cause there’s more to hold when they decide to crawl into the covers. As novel as it is to see how tiny Leonard is in comparison to Dolly, I’m looking forward to see him putting on some more weight.

Unfortunately, Dolly’s personality has changed. She’s a bit less affectionate, less vocal, and more sickly; I’ve been dealing with perpetual respiratory infections and eye abscesses ever since I brought Leonard home. I’m wondering if she associates being miserably sick with the arrival of the new kitten. Her maternal instincts seem to kick in when he lies next to her, and she’ll try to lick and groom him, but he doesn’t seem to like it much and they end up fighting. Hopefully, he’ll grow into the habit.


  1. Leonard! <>
    Lenny indeed.

    You know, docs usually tell you to take weight off your cat because it can affect their health same as it would ours. Dolly’s not fat enough that that might be contributing?. Just wondering.

    With dogs I know more cuddling makes them healthier, especially if there’s a territorial issue. But I don’t know about a sick kitty. They get pretty crabby. Maybe just extra scritches.

    • Actually, Dolly’s plenty fat already…just slightly obese. I was told to feed her less, and I try to follow that advice faithfully so she’ll be with me as long as possible, but it’s hard cause I just love me a plump cat!

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