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The Ultimate Smart iTunes Playlist

If you’re like me, you never listen to the radio because you’re very particular about the music you hear. Thankfully, this is the age of the iPod, when someone can carry their entire music library in their pocket, and you don’t have to worry about hearing a song you don’t like.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re always in the mood for certain songs. And if you have lots of single songs or old classics in your music collection, listening to them means you have to search for them. Just turning on the shuffle option in iTunes doesn’t cut it, because it’s a little too random; a song will be chosen regardless of whether you just heard it an hour ago or a year ago, and regardless of how much you like it.

really smart iTunes playlists

The solution is a smart iTunes playlist: a playlist that will not only have a mix of new music and old classics, it’ll adjust according to your tastes. That means you won’t need to interact in selecting or skipping songs, and a song won’t play over and over again, unless you want it to.

Another advantage of a smart playlist is that you can put on some music quickly, without having to decide what you feel like. If you tend to get focused on projects for hours at a time, it’s nice to not have to constantly be choosing the music to play in the background. And whether you’re taking a 5-minute walk to the grocery store, or a 5-hour drive out of town, a smart iTunes playlist will fill the time with music perfectly.

Here’s how I do it.

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You were supposed to be the rest of my life.

My happily ever after. My crunchy peanut butter soul mate.

I think of you every day, but it’s never a conscious act. More of a reflex in a continuous stream of thoughts: the cover of the album that’s playing, this tea is getting cold, maybe I’ll go out tomorrow, the way you looked the first time I saw you with your glasses on, I need to buy floss, the humidifier needs refilling…

It’s never something I can help. There are reminders of you in the colours of every sunrise, in the choruses of my songs, in the back of my mind when I’m left to my own devices. You became a habit I never wanted to break.

I forgot to give you this one too. It was supposed to be us. We were supposed to own the sky, to be it’s children, dancing under clouds you’d later paint. Sharing headphones on a bus, me in blue cardigan, you with fabulous hair. Walking to the grocery store on summer nights; you’d cook, I’d do the dishes. Catching up on each others days before drifting off to sleep. All the everyday stuff that would never feel ordinary again if your hand was in mine.

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.