Will you sign my banana?

No bet­ter place for a bach­e­lor par­ty than in the mar­ket, where peo­ple see you in a giant banana cos­tume and assume you’re either get­ting mar­ried or lost a bet.

Before going out drink­ing, they went paint­balling, though this still did­n’t pre­clude the groom-to-be from hav­ing to wear the bright yel­low cos­tume in the field.

banana hug

One of sev­er­al bach­e­lorette par­ties we ran into that night.

banana job

Banana job. Notice the expres­sion on the guy peer­ing behind the cos­tume.

Bum signing

I can see the moon from here.

posing with banana

This is going on Facebook.



hot banana coffee

Oh So Good.



monkeys find banana

This was a coin­ci­dence: run­ning into two peo­ple on the street dressed as mon­keys when you’re dressed like a giant banana.

pee pants

Peed a bit.

sign my banana

I ran out of banana jokes.


  1. Wait… a bach­e­lor par­ty in Canada always involves wrap­ping the lucky bach­e­lor in a banana suit??

    Too fun­ny! until he became a puk­ing banana.…

    • Hahaha, none of us were ready for the puke; it came on rather sud­den­ly. That’s why every­one is just sort of stand­ing around look­ing help­less.

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