Friends from France

Frédéric and Misun were briefly in Canada. They went on a short cruise with Misun’s parents and made a quick stop in Ottawa so naturally I took the chance to see them. It was a lovely evening for a barbecue and eating out in the sun.

It’s so interesting to hear about everything they’re doing with their little art gallery studio, adding to my excitement of visiting them in a few months.


Seeing the new baby. Mommy barely looks like she was pregnant, and Frédéric looks like he’s been eating well in France.

watching Miric

Miric tests out the paper airplane launcher I bought the boys. It was one of the few non-violent toys I could find in Toys R Us.


Caramelized onions make the potato salad.

Akio and Frederic

Akio, with long hair, is now a spitting image of his brother.

baby in sunlight

First born.

Akio and Frederic

Stephane has a large collection of toys. The boys were in heaven.

Lego heads

There was an entire cabinet of sorted Lego parts, such as this creepy compartment of Lego heads.

Miric plays

Explaining how the submarines lights can move independently, and how it’s going to find all sorts of treasure.

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