you got to hold on

I have all this stuff I mean to write but when it comes to typ­ing it out, it seems point­less. I don’t mind feel­ing this way any­more. I’d much rather come off as wit­ty or inter­est­ing, but I can set­tle for hon­est.

My pol­i­cy nowa­days is to act the way I feel. Instead of try­ing to cater to oth­er peo­ple or fit into social norms, I do what I want. It takes some trust in myself to believe that I’m gen­er­al­ly a good per­son, but every­thing seems to be work­ing in my favour.


With anoth­er wed­ding booked next year, I was able to jus­ti­fy a new lens. The final one in my lens path: Canon’s 70–200mm f/2.8 IS II USM. It lets me take pic­tures like this.

I have some­thing major going on each month until December, at which point I’ll prob­a­bly her­ma­tize for three weeks until anoth­er round of hol­i­day crazi­ness.

I used to have Hold On by Tom Waits play­ing here.

The sum­mer has been warm and fuzzy, and it’s filled me with con­tent­ment. I don’t care about the future any­more. I’m liv­ing in this moment, and thank­ful it’s a nice one.


  1. Thats an amaz­ing­ly stun­ning shot! The col­or of the bird is so crisp! Great job!

    • Thanks. I some­how man­aged to get this shot through a pane of dirty glass.

  2. You got to hold on”… For one more day, things will go your way. Hold on for one more day.

    Apologies, I had a Harold & Kumar moment there. I’m always amazed at how peo­ple can take great pic­tures even through dirty win­dows.

    • I’m a HUGE fan of Harold and Kumar!

      I think the abil­i­ty to take pic­tures through a win­dow is par­tial­ly due to the fact that it’s a tele­pho­to shot, which tend to de-empha­size any close objects or dis­trac­tions.

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