Night Of Black Magic


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I was invit­ed to a night of black mag­ic (as well as some tasty antipas­to), and I did­n’t know what to expect. Part of the instruc­tions were to bring a large piece of con­struc­tion paper, a white pen­cil cray­on, and a piece of paper with some­thing writ­ten on it that I want to be rid of in my life. Turns out the con­struc­tion paper was to make our hats and chains, and the pen­cil cray­on was to fash­ion said hats and chains with our pow­er sym­bols (some­thing with mean­ing to each per­son). I was also giv­en a phrase to mem­o­rize and incant dur­ing the cer­e­mo­ny.

There were glow sticks, good food1, and great peo­ple. I won’t go into details about the rit­u­al, for reveal­ing too much, as I under­stand it, is akin to telling peo­ple your birth­day wish. Needless to say, I hope to wake up to some growth down south (aka expan­sion to drilling oper­a­tions in the wildlife pre­serve) one of these days, if you catch my drift.

  1. I got to try some kind of home­made peach juice, which was a thick as glyc­erin, but very tasty. []


  1. I have heard dark rumors of eldritch rit­u­als held in that apart­ment where a poor lit­tle bun­ny is forced to wear a stu­pid hat cut out of black paper only to be rit­u­al­ly held down while forces greater than he suck the very life-force out of his nos­trils!

    As a deeply spir­i­tu­al per­son* myself, let me add the sto­ry of the man who was walk­ing past a strange­ly dec­o­rat­ed build­ing and heard weird chant­i­ng com­ing from inside.

    His curios­i­ty got the bet­ter of him and he walked through the giant cir­cu­lar entrance to find a large hall in which peo­ple wear­ing hats with cir­cles on the crowns were chant­i­ng in uni­son “Great is the Power of Null. All bow down before his per­fect cir­cu­lar­i­ty.”

    a man wear­ing rich robes stood on the stage before the assem­bled con­gre­ga­tion, he point­ed at the inter­lop­er and mut­tered dark­ly “Beware, an unbe­liev­er is in our midst!”

    The intrud­er protest­ed in tones of ring­ing con­dem­na­tion. “Is noth­ing sacred here?!”


    * Hmmm, on sec­ond thought, when oth­er peo­ple say that they usu­al­ly real­ly mean “I’m afraid of dying but I don’t want to go to a church on Sunday.”

    • It took me a while, but I got it when I noticed the word “Null” in caps. Reminds me of the scene in The Odyssey where Odysseus saves his men from being devoured by cyclops by telling one his name is Nohbody.

  2. Great pho­tos even if you haven’t a clue what the end pur­pose is.… blues and blacks and hap­pies.

    Note to self: Find more friends who are will­ing to invite self to weird par­ties like this.

    • I know! I actu­al­ly had one of my friends ask if she could come, because par­ties of this nature are so rare and cool.

  3. I did­n’t get what you mean, but I’m kind of stu­pid that way some­times.

    I would’ve been like *Nerd Alert!* when I heard about the par­ty if I was there, but it sounds like a hoot. And hope­ful­ly you guys con­jured up a bunch of oth­er dark things.


    • Nothing nerdy about this party…more spir­i­tu­al. Now D&D nights, those can be nerdy. :)

  4. Bad idea!!! Never make mis­take about this.
    Black mag­ic rit­u­al will stuck and turn over you on a bad life.

    I know a best friend of mine who tell me that black mag­ic are worth stronger than white mag­ic…
    He got a spell back on him.

    Never tell that black mag­ic are more stronger than white mag­ic.
    It’s the reverse; white mag­ic are worth more pow­er­full than black mag­ic.

    Learn back your les­son and you can trans­form any black mag­ic to white mag­ic cor­rect­ly done. For a good rea­son. But not for worse or if it’s for a good cause and chase away bad spir­it dead or alive.

    This is a seri­ous warn­ing.

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