Missing A Ride

I almost did some­thing stu­pid crazy excit­ing adven­tur­ous tonight. But I did­n’t. Maybe it was too last-minute. Maybe I was feel­ing too shy and intro­vert­ed. Maybe I’m com­pla­cent. Maybe I’m too com­fort­able where I am right now.

Maybe the con­se­quences of fail­ure were greater than the poten­tial gains of suc­cess.

Sometimes I won­der when the scales will tip that bal­ance. When — if ever — will I be unsat­is­fied enough with things to step out of my com­fort zone and take those chances?

When will I catch that ride?


  1. Sometimes I feel like we have this un-par­al­leled par­al­leli­ty going on. (I made up that word, par­al­leli­ty. Don’t judge).

    It’s like we’re on the same road but going in oppo­site direc­tions.

    • I total­ly know what you mean! And we hap­pened to meet because we passed each oth­er on this same road.

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