I Could Be Dead Right Now

That’s what I keep think­ing when I look at these pic­tures.

Accident 1

Accident 2

Accident 3

A few week­ends ago, Aaron invit­ed me to ride with him dur­ing an out-of-town cruise with his auto club. I ini­tial­ly accept­ed, until I found out that was the same day and time Frédéric and Misun were leav­ing Canada. So I had to turn Aaron down, since I did­n’t know when I’d see them again.

That was also the day and time that it hailed for about an hour — in late spring. And on tak­ing a turn, the hail made Aaron lose his trac­tion. Both him, and the per­son dri­ving behind him, spun out of con­trol. The per­son behind hit a guard rail. Aaron went into a ditch.

The impact on the rocks was on the pas­sen­ger side. Where I was going to be sit­ting. And it was strong enough to shat­ter the back wind­shield.

Thankfully, Aaron is alright, with the x‑rays show­ing that he only has tis­sue dam­age. I may not have been so lucky.


  1. Fate was pro­tect­ing you!

    These kinds of things hap­pen all the time but peo­ple are so blind to them but every now and then, what­ev­er it is that holds pow­er over this world, makes it painful­ly obvi­ous.

  2. Oh my God!!!

    So good that you changed plans!

  3. That is incred­i­ble! You were so lucky! I guess I won­der — and this just might be me — does it change how you start the day?

    I mean, you hear about peo­ple hav­ing near death expe­ri­ences that make them real­ly take notice of life — start liv­ing in the present (you know the plat­i­tude). Was this close enough?

    I ask, almost as a ques­tion back to me. Sometimes I feel like I just don’t appre­ci­ate my life like I should. Would a close call like yours make me see things more clear­ly? Probably not — but I do have a pup­py:) Sometimes I think that he was the near miss. Other times he’s the crash.

    Anyway — con­grat­u­la­tions on your great luck.


  4. Am glad you took a dif­fer­ent path and are safe and sound.

  5. Holy Crap! Hope Aaron is on the mend. Great Provision of Protection.

  6. Thanks for the well-wish­es every­one. This whole inci­dent does­n’t change how I start the day, because I always think that I could go at any time. And I tend to appre­ci­ate all the lit­tle things in my life on a reg­u­lar basis, so it does­n’t change how I view the world either.

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