Saying Goodbye to Frederic and Misun

Akio punches

Thumbnail: Dad
Thumbnail: Akio in the garbage
Thumbnail: Boys in trouble
Thumbnail: Akio in the garbage
Thumbnail: Miric on lap

They’re in France now, and I feel like a part of me is miss­ing. I know they aren’t gone for­ev­er, but they’re so far away that I can’t just dri­ve over to their house on a whim to talk any­more. They were peo­ple who real­ly under­stood me, who intro­duced me to so much of the world, who inspired me, who gave me con­fi­dence.

Before get­ting on the bus to Montreal, Frédéric told me that we’ll go on lots of adven­tures togeth­er. I hope it’s soon­er rather than lat­er.


  1. 1. That kid sure can throw a punch!

    2. Looks like you can take a punch too (albeit, they’re win­ning).

    • Hahahahh…yeah, he’s a lit­tle mar­tial artist. Which is fun­ny, because his par­ents raise him with no vio­lent stim­u­la­tion. We were play­ing Monkey Fight in Super Monkey Ball, where you roll around with a lit­tle box­ing glove, try­ing to knock each oth­er off a plat­form, and they even found that too be too much. Kids get it from some­where, I guess.

      And yes, I take punch­es with smiles on my face. I’m THAT TOUGH.

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