The Worth Of A Good Night's Sleep

My aunt — the youngest child of my grand­mother — has been here for weeks. She stopped tak­ing her clients at work, and has been over­see­ing my grandmother’s treat­ments, as well as mak­ing deci­sions on her behalf.

They sleep in the same bed now, which I think is adorable, like regress­ing to some child­hood time, except the roles have been reversed. Yesterday, she told me my grand­mother had the best the night of sleep in a long time. She attrib­utes it to my grandmother’s hap­pi­ness that my dad and I are here.

This has already made the entire trip worth it.


  1. won­der­ful to help with a bur­den by your very presence.

    reminds me that my mom always says my dad doesn’t eat prop­erly except when I visit.

    • Yes, it’s the pres­ence exactly. I never real­ized it until I got here.

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