Name My First Painting

The deadline for name submissions is over, and the contest is closed. I’ll announce the winner over the weekend. A big thank you to everyone who participated!

My first painting

This is the first painting I’ve ever made. I’ll suffix that with “in my adult life”, because I probably did something with my hands when I was a kid.

Julie, who’s very familiar with the medium, got me to sit down and paint with her. I was able to play around with different techniques of strokes and the like. It was interesting to discover the way the colours bleed, the consistency of the paint, and the texture of the canvas.

It’s definitely abstract. I agree with Dan’s astrology reading, in which he said that I see colours differently, but that doesn’t mean I can create them. Frédéric once told me that it’s easier for him to paint than photograph, because if he needs a certain colour, he can just add it to the painting by hand, whereas you can’t do this with a scene in photography. My forté seems to be in capturing instead.

Painting doesn’t come naturally to me. In elementary and high school, I went direction of music (guitar, voice, flute, and piano) instead of visual art. In university, when I wasn’t playing in bands anymore, I stuck with the written word, and eventually moved to photography and video when that wasn’t enough.

So the painting currently remains untitled. Partially because I can’t put a name to it, and partially because I haven’t decided what it is. Which seems a little silly to me, as my need to create has always come from the need to express. Even though Jackson Pollock once said, “When I am in my painting, I’m not aware of what I’m doing”, his paintings still had a direction, a life of their own, much like an improvised jazz solo.

What do you see, and what would you name it?

Leave your suggestions in the comments, and I’ll choose a winner next Friday. The winner will win the painting! Yes, I’ll even ship it to you. The dimensions are roughly 8.5″×11″ (or 21.6cm×28cm).


  1. “Happiness in the dark”

    I think daisies are happy flowers, don’t you think so?

  2. Beauty in Black and White

    My eyes only seem to want to focus on the red and yellow swirls of color.

  3. I prefer straightforward titles, so I would go with something like “Daisies” or “Headlights”

  4. : ) As I was watching you paint this, I kept seeing shapes and colours that reminded me more of the solar system than anything else. The orange on black looked like bright suns or planets. Considering I haven’t seen it since, looking at it again and reading some of the comments has steered me in all sorts of directions, making it a little more challenging to name it. But, I think I’ve got it!

    When I first looked at it again, I saw the solar system as I remembered it. Then it became quite apparent that the shapes resembled some sort of flower or daisy but I wasn’t quite convinced until I noticed in the bottom left corner, the shape of a bird. It looks like a small black sparrow curiously appearing to steal a glance at the bright colours of the flower, hiding under a white petal to avoid being seen. But I saw you little bird!

    This gave it more of a terrestrial feel, but my initial perception was still worthy of attention so I came up with this name:

    ” Celestial Blooms”

    Hope you like it :)

  5. Wild Daisies is 1st choice because I see a field of daisies.

    Truth in Light is 2nd choice because I see shielded planets breaking free of barriers.

    • after a frustrating event, i came back to ur artwork and saw something different…LIFE…I choose LIFE as my final title…good luck in choosing a winner! peaCe


  6. I would call it ‘We All Do’.

    Jeff, you really mean to tell me you have never painted before? This is really an interesting work with a lot of levels of front to back depth and some subtle balancing going on with the shading. If this is what you do on your first work, you had better try this more often. Impressed.

  7. A muse, a spark, a dozen(?) daisies of inspiration

  8. Stephanie’s pick: Stellar Bloom

    It looks amazing man. I had no idea you could paint!

    • Haha…after posting that we went back and read the rest and see Julie has something really similar. We didn’t copy, promise! ;)

  9. I saw this in the feed and “daisy Pop Rocks” immediately came to mind if I were to give it a title — even before I got to the bottom of the post. So there’s my entry.

  10. i love it whoever wins i willl py u for it lol in less i win with my amazeing title of ”silent hill daisies”

    come on thay soooo look like there right outa the game
    its amazeing jeff im soooo friggin jealous you have more skill and talent then most can even imagine
    it would look amazeing in my guest room soooooo…..
    i say action it lol

    silent hill daisies
    oooh yes the daisies of silent hill for the win

  11. oh and u must sign ur name in paint in the corner like the true artist u are

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