Replacement Pillow

I sleep with three dif­fer­ent pil­lows.

The one for my head is reg­u­lar sized, with foam fill­ing, and rather flat because I like to sleep with my arm under there. The one on my left is also foam, but a body pil­low. The one on my right is king-sized and filled with down. I like to sleep on my side pressed between the two, and through the night, I’ll alter­nate between sides, hug­ging one.

When she comes over, she takes the king-sized one. My head pil­low is too flat, and obvi­ous­ly my body pil­low is too big.

So I lose my king-sized, and she becomes my replace­ment pil­low.


  1. I sleep with one pil­low. It goes on the floor, while my head remains sus­pend­ed three inch­es above the mat­tress due to sheer will pow­er.

    • That reminds me of the sto­ry of an old Tai Chi mas­ter (told by one of his stu­dents) who would sleep with with his head on his hand instead of a pil­low, but it would prop his head up sev­er­al inch­es in midair due to the pow­er of his chi.

  2. Sometimes,I keep hav­ing the sus­pi­cion body pil­lows kick at night.

    • It’s prob­a­bly because you kick first. They’re only kick­ing back.

      Never blame the sacred body pil­low!

  3. Just curi­ous, any­one told you that you toss like crazy when you sleep :)

    • No, I always thought that the amount of toss­ing and turn­ing I did was nor­mal! My last room­mate’s bed was always per­fect­ly neat and clean, except for one fold of the blan­kets where he would get in and out of bed. I thought it was him who was abnor­mal.

  4. I like a mod­er­ate squishy acrylic filled pil­low but when I turn over I hit my hus­band’s Korean buck­wheat-husk pil­low and it goes WHUCK. I don’t know how peo­ple can be used to such hard things.

    • I remem­ber see­ing an infom­mer­cial for a buck­wheat pil­low. To this day, I still don’t under­stand the appeal.

  5. Not that this has any­thing to do with pil­lows but I was just won­der­ing if you find it dif­fi­cult to make the tran­si­tion of sleep­ing alone to hav­ing some­one next to you? I’ve spent the last four years sleep­ing by myself and the last few times I’ve had the plea­sure of shar­ing a space with some­one I was told that it was appar­ent that I am accus­tomed to sleep­ing by myself. Not because I was hog­ging the bed or cov­ers but because I stayed in one spe­cif­ic area the whole time and every­time they got close I would move away.…I did­n’t even real­ize I was doing it. Anyway, this post made me think about it again so I thought I would ask you about it

    • A long time ago, I read a news arti­cle that men­tioned a study on how the body adjusts to sleep­ing with some­one. And it said that it takes a few weeks for peo­ple to get used to going from both sleep­ing alone to sleep­ing with some­one and vice ver­sa. I have friends who went through break-ups and rec­on­cil­i­a­tions that have told me the same thing.

      So to answer your ques­tion, yes, it’s quite nor­mal to have a hard time sleep­ing with such changes in sleep­ing envi­ron­ment.

      Personally, I seem to be immune to this, although this could be do to the fact that I’m gen­er­al­ly up very late when shar­ing the same bed with some­one, and my exhaus­tion is what is keep­ing me asleep.

  6. Cute! that was such a polite expla­na­tion…

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