Documentary Night

Picking vinyl

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A cam­era to mask my shy­ness, a lens to hide behind.

At Audra and Jesse’s I felt like I was back in uni­ver­si­ty. Meeting peo­ple, learn­ing names, throw­ing in for some piz­za. Except this time, I was­n’t being dragged, kick­ing and scream­ing to the par­ty. Maybe I was just feel­ing social, because I had­n’t seen my own friends in so long.

I learned that play­ing Punch Out on the Wii is as nat­ur­al to you as it was back when you were in your room back in ele­men­tary school, cry­ing because you were no one’s best friend. That watch­ing Air Guitar Nation — when it’s hard to tell how seri­ous­ly the con­tes­tants take them­selves — is much more enjoy­able with sar­cas­tic com­ments applied lib­er­al­ly from the audi­ence.

I want to know these peo­ple.

I want to find out what dri­ves them. I want to know why they cre­ate, why they’ve cho­sen their medi­ums. Why they hang out togeth­er. Why they stud­ied what they stud­ied. Why they have the jobs they do.

They’re well-read, edu­cat­ed, opin­ion­at­ed, cos­mopoli­tan. I felt some­what out of place. Topics of con­ver­sa­tion weren’t even close to my inter­ests. Concerts aren’t my scene. Politics con­fuse me. Things are hap­pen­ing to oth­er friends I’ve nev­er met. But when there’s this much to learn, lis­ten­ing is just as good as tak­ing part.

It was past mid­night by the time I got home, but I had hard time falling asleep. My brain was buzzing, try­ing to take in every­thing I had just expe­ri­enced.


  1. I fuck­ing loved read­ing this!

    I’ll reply more tomor­row. I have to sleep now.

    You are rad.

    • Not as rad as being able to be a part of this. I hope to attend many more times in the future!

  2. Your site design is pret­ty much the pre­cise inverse of mine.

    • We have been cho­sen as mor­tal ene­mies, and will one day fight to the death. See you at brunch on Sunday?

  3. Always feel free to steer the con­ver­sa­tion toward your areas of interest/expertise — we all cer­tain­ly have just as much to learn from you!

    Those pho­tos look great. And the records have run to a hefty cost over the years, but about half of them are from dol­lar bins or at least under five bucks. So… don’t think they all came at col­lec­tors’ prices or any­thing. I’m a bin-pick­er!

    • It seems like every­one is cre­ative in their own way, and those ways over­lap fair­ly often so con­ver­sa­tions would nev­er be stag­nant. Maybe I could use a Venn dia­gram to explain it.

      • It would be one of those Venn dia­grams that looks like it was drawn with a Spirograph!

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