Eagle vs Shark

Eagle vs Shark

Eagle vs Shark is the new Postal Service.

The movie I can’t stop watch­ing. The movie I can’t watch with any­one else.

Not because it’s painful in any way, but because it’s sacred. A movie where no one else would under­stand the way I see it. A reminder that I was adored once too, when some­one loved me beyond lim­it or con­di­tion. (A mem­o­ry that I need right now.)

But I will leave you with this lit­tle song, if only for a short while. You need colours and can­dles in your room when you lis­ten though, and an imag­i­na­tion will serve you well. Having a make­out part­ner and wear­ing a cos­tume of your favourite ani­mal is option­al.

That is all you need to know, for this is all I can say.


  1. Damn, I like this stuff! Very whim­si­cal, play­ful, with a bit of Videogame qual­i­ty to it, while yet main­tain­ing that indie exper­i­men­tal sound.

    I like this a LOT!

  2. At first I thought you were talk­ing about the movie, as all of those descrip­tions apply to it. Then I real­ized you were refer­ring to the song. Pretty cool. There is a hint of 8‑bit video game music to it.

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