A Change of Flowers

When I left, the flow­ers on my kitchen table looked like this:

Thumbnail: Dead flowers

When I got back, to my sur­prise, they looked like this:

Thumbnail: Fresh flowers

She made the bou­quet her­self — hand-picked the flow­ers, chose the colours, even made sure it was sym­met­ri­cal, know­ing my odd habits1 — and left them there to greet me from my jour­ney home.

I nev­er ask for these things but she does them any­way.

Which is exact­ly what makes them so sig­nif­i­cant.

  1. I tend to straight­en her neck­laces, her san­dal straps, the curls of her hair, the draw-strings in her hoodie/yoga pants… []


  1. That’s very sweet!
    Flowers always bring such calm in your room…

  2. Personally, I don’t think of calm when I think of flow­ers, I think of live­li­ness. A sense of bring­ing out the out­doors inside.

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