My Relationship with Frederic and Misun

I con­nect with Frédéric and Misun in two very dif­fer­ent ways.

With Frédéric, we relate through our emo­tions, our dri­ve, and the need to express our­selves. We also have a ten­den­cy to feel like out­siders, per­haps because we’re often judged or mis­un­der­stood. In this way we com­fort each oth­er, because it’s as if we feel less odd or alone.

Misun, on the oth­er hand, is like my big sis­ter. She cares about me, takes an inter­est in what I do, and gives me advice the way I imag­ine a sib­ling does. I can share my inse­cu­ri­ties, my dreams, my feel­ings with her, as if I’ve known her my entire life.

Together, they encour­age and sup­port me, although nev­er to the point of flat­tery. In this way, I know that I can trust them to be hon­est; some­thing increas­ing­ly rare nowa­days, as peo­ple hide behind smiles and emp­ty words. When I’m with them, I feel like I’m whol­ly under­stood and accept­ed.

I always leave their house with a tremen­dous sense of hope, because they believe in me the way no one else ever has.


  1. That was real­ly nice­ly writ­ten!
    You did put so much feel­ing in that sort piece of text!
    Keep on writ­ing!

  2. They both sounds like soul gems to you. Good to hear.

  3. How lucky you are to know such peo­ple! Friends like these are hard to find. I have been lucky in that respect as my very best friend has been with me for 23 years. Its strange how we are so dif­fer­ent from one anoth­er but when we get togeth­er we com­ple­ment the oth­er. Kind of bal­ances things out and I nev­er feel out of tune or like I don’t belong. Even being 1000 miles away from me has­n’t affect­ed our rela­tion­ship. Nurture those relationships.….they will be with you for the long haul.

  4. @Pepijn — Thanks!

    @Pearl — Never heard the term “soul gems” before, but I assume it’s a term for peo­ple who are meant to be togeth­er but not roman­ti­cal­ly involved (which would be “soul mates”).

    @Lucy — Wow…I can’t imag­ine know­ing any­one for 23 years. I find rela­tion­ships between peo­ple who com­pli­ment each oth­er are the strongest. Pat recent­ly explained to me how true friends are peo­ple who don’t let time or dis­tance away affect the rela­tion­ship, and odd­ly enough, I nev­er real­ly knew that until now.

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