Pictures of White People Laughing

Playing shots and ladders

Thumbnail: Karaoke crowd
Thumbnail: Bill takes a swig during Karaoke
Thumbnail: Karaoke duet
Thumbnail: Skyy Vodka
Thumbnail: Duet kiss
Thumbnail: Guitar karaoke
Thumbnail: Tray of jello shooters
Thumbnail: He laughs
Thumbnail: Hors D'oeuvres
Thumbnail: Jello shooting
Thumbnail: Doubled over in laughter
Thumbnail: Jello wet will
Thumbnail: Ginger the cat gives me a kiss
Thumbnail: Laughing party
Thumbnail: Shirley plays Rock Band
Thumbnail: Rock Band shot
Thumbnail: Singing faces
Thumbnail: Snoopy the cat
Thumbnail: She laughs on the couch
Thumbnail: Underwear check

Also known as a drink­ing par­ty at Shirley’s.

This is how I learn that peo­ple have a good time when there’s at least one per­son will­ing to make a fool of him­self, because it sets the tone for every­one else.

That being young is to be young at heart. That to be young at heart is to laugh deep and laugh reg­u­lar­ly.

And that it nev­er hurts to have alco­hol to help facil­i­tate the process.


  1. I can almost hear the bel­ly laughs com­ing from the pic­tures.…

    There are two cou­ples that we meet up with every Friday night to unwind and talk about what­ev­er hap­pens to be on our minds. A few shots, a few games of pool and occa­sion­al­ly a game or two of gui­tar hero are the usu­al agen­da. I look for­ward to the time spent with them.

  2. Oh, and can I say that its usu­al­ly me who makes a fool out of myself more often than not? I don’t mind.…its all in good fun!

  3. Sounds like an amaz­ing week­ly rit­u­al. The clos­est I come to that is talk­ing on the phone with my best friend every Monday, though some­times it’s not the same with­out some intox­i­ca­tion being involved.

    People like me need peo­ple like you at par­ties. It makes every­one for­get about the cam­era!

  4. The title alone of the post makes this extra fun­ny for me. I have to send this around to my friends again!

    and I need my week­ly talk with my friend in CA, my week­ly meet up with my girls down­town with drinks, and my dai­ly talks with one of my best friends to keep the laughs com­ing often and steadi­ly.…

    because some­times your boss tries to destroy you.

  5. Things like this are more fun­ny if you’re a minor­i­ty. Sort of like Stuff White People Like.

    Often, I crave some sort of dai­ly inter­ac­tion, but it’s only been avail­able at cer­tain peri­ods of my life. I set­tle for week­ly one-on-one right now. It’d be nice to meet up with “the guys”…makes me real­ize I should do some­thing about that.

  6. lol this pic­ture and title are per­fect.

    Funny how us ‘white peo­ple’ do sim­i­lar things. This week­end, my friends and I play­ing a drink­ing game to snakes and lad­ders.

    Learned two things. One I hope I don’t roll a six when I go down the longest snake. Two, too many peo­ple play­ing means not enough drink­ing. Limit to 4 peo­ple.

  7. I had nev­er even heard of shots and lad­ders until I saw them play­ing it at Shirley’s house. When I was in uni­ver­si­ty, the big drink­ing game was quar­ters. I think the class­es after me were into beer-pong. Interesting how every gen­er­a­tion has their own drink­ing game.

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