Tears as a Turn-On

It became painfully obvious that my turn-on of girls crying is related to my own penchant for sad lovemaking.

I’ve always liked the idea of bringing someone from tears to blissful physical pleasure. Like make-up sex without the fighting.

A girl was able to do that for me once, so I’ve always wanted to be able to do it for someone else.

Either that, or my sadness is mingling with my lust.


  1. The opposite is just as nice – sex that brings you to tears.

    Tears of release or joy or elation.

    But sad lovemaking…I’ve never thought of that.

    I will try it as soon as I feel sad and my partner is willing…

  2. Wow…I need to brush up on my lovemaking skills. Tears of elation, I’ve never been able to achieve, in me or my partners.

    A new goal to strive for!

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