Missing Kissing

I’m fac­ing the very tan­gi­ble pos­si­bil­i­ty that I’ll be sin­gle for the rest of my life. Sometimes I won­der how I’ll sur­vive. The strange part is that I feel like I was meant to be in a rela­tion­ship. Quixotic ideas and roman­tic ideals have always point­ed me in that direc­tion, but either the right per­son has­n’t come along, or they’re tak­en.

At the same time, I won­der if I can be in anoth­er rela­tion­ship. I’ve grown so accus­tomed to liv­ing alone, hav­ing things exact­ly my way, with time to work on my projects. No main­te­nance, as it were. How I do enjoy the free­dom.

One sit­u­a­tion isn’t bet­ter than the oth­er, of course. Both have their pros and cons.


I miss kiss­ing. More than the sex.

The quick acknowl­edg­ment of love in the form of a peck, or the inti­ma­cy of a make-out ses­sion.

Has the win­ter brought this feel­ing? Has the sight of snow and snow­fall remind­ed me of how frigid the nights can be when you’re by your­self?

Or maybe it’s from being sin­gle for this long.


  1. I’m in the same spot. I miss h‑u-g-g-i-n‑g, not kiss­ing. The rest is extreme­ly good and I would­n’t vol­un­tar­i­ly trade it.

  2. i’m sure the right girl will come around when you least expect it. and when she does you can lav­ish her with all the affec­tion in the world! :)

  3. I miss first kiss­es. There’s noth­ing more excit­ing than a first kiss :D

    I doubt you’ll be sin­gle for­ev­er, you have a lot to offer and I’m sure you’ll make some lucky girl very hap­py some­day. Have you real­ly been sin­gle a long time? I kind of liked being sin­gle, of course it’s easy for me to say because I’m mar­ried and I’ll prob­a­bly feel dif­fer­ent­ly if I was sin­gle again, but you have the rest of your life to be mar­ried, why not enjoy it now while it lasts?

  4. @Cheryl — Hugging is nice too, but I guess I get enough hugs from my friends on a reg­u­lar basis, that that need is filled.

    @sheryl — I just thought about that idea actu­al­ly, the fact that being sin­gle has always made me bet­ter in rela­tion­ships, because in a way, it makes me more eager. I plan on writ­ing an entry about this.

    @Sophia — I total­ly agree with you. The first kiss is always the best one. :)

    It’s been about a year and a half that I’ve been sin­gle, not the longest dry spell in my life, but I’m get­ting there. And I give my friends the exact same advice; that we’ll miss such feel­ings when we’re secure in our rela­tion­ships, because we won’t have the same adven­ture, mys­tery, and dra­ma, so being sin­gle should be appre­ci­at­ed. I try to fol­low this advice, but that does­n’t mean I don’t miss the phys­i­cal part of a rela­tion­ship. ;)

  5. This is when you a ‘friend’ that is also in the same boat… :D

  6. You remind me of my unre­quit­ed love.

  7. The part about enjoy­ing the no main­te­nance — does that also trans­late into gen­er­al­ly pre­fer­ring low-to-no-main­te­nance part­ners?

  8. I think I’ve always pre­ferred low-main­te­nance part­ners. This may par­tial­ly be because I get over­stim­u­lat­ed eas­i­ly and fre­quent­ly need time to myself. It may also par­tial­ly be because I can be some­what high-main­te­nance myself (or have been in the past) due to my lack of con­fi­dence, and two high-main­te­nance peo­ple don’t seem to work togeth­er.

  9. I’m right there with you. I’ve been going through the same exact thing pret­ty much.

  10. It’s some­what com­fort­ing to know that I’m not alone. We shall com­bine forces and take over the world!

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