Where I Belong

Those who rule in accor­dance with Tao do not use force against the world
For that which is forced is like­ly to return

—Verse 30, Tao Te Ching

I may know bet­ter, I may under­stand what I’m sup­posed to accept, but that does­n’t make it any eas­i­er.

Sometimes the world is crash­ing down around you, and all you can do is watch.

Because you can’t yell at the sky to keep it from falling.


  1. Have you read 365 Tao? My ther­a­pist is Taoist, I think.

    She said the book changed her life and she total­ly rec­om­mend­ed. Flipside: she also rec­om­mend­ed the Tao of Pooh, so I’m not total­ly sure…

  2. The Tao of Pooh is bet­ter and dif­fer­ent than you’d guess from the title.

  3. @Pearl — Do you mean “whis­per­er” as an idea of sub­tle force?

    @Maeko — Nope, I haven’t read that, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it in the book­stores now.

    And I agree that The Tao of Pooh was pret­ty good. As sim­pli­fied as it was, it real­ly helped refine my under­stand­ing of Taoism.

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