Grey And Undecided

It was grey today.

Grey from morn­ing to night. Grey inside and out.

I strolled home from work amid the rain­fall, with Sara Melson and her sac­cha­rine lyrics in my ear­phones. Words sung unre­strained, clichéd almost, like any oth­er love song, but with an expe­ri­enced matu­ri­ty nonethe­less.

Now my hands are worn, my clothes are torn
A few of my dreams have been met with scorn
And I don’t have too much time left to bor­row
But still I’m gonna love you like I’ve nev­er been hurt before

Drawn to her voice more than her face, sug­ary sweet mixed with a hint of strength. Guilty plea­sure? Maybe. Not that I mind any­more.

But it was still grey today, and I was still unde­cid­ed.


  1. I just remem­bered… You should check out this French girl Camille, if you’re not already famil­iar. I got the album Le Fil. It’s very nice.

  2. I’ve nev­er heard of her, but I’ll be sure to check her out this week­end. I recent­ly redis­cov­ered the fold­er of music you gave me, with the Berserk and Res songs. I find they’re much bet­ter at this phase in my life. And that’s not includ­ing the awe­some Japanese songs you post every now and then. I’m still try­ing to find the full ver­sion of the Fruits Basket OST.

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