Romanced by the Fall

The leaves start to turn before they drop.

It’s final­ly cool enough to sleep with the win­dow open again. I wake up refreshed, a lit­tle chilly even, with my blan­kets wrapped to my face.

Maybe I’ve been sin­gle for too long, maybe I’m being romanced by the fall yet again, but there seem to be cute girls every­where late­ly.


  1. I think the cute girl thing is due to 2 things:

    1‑Post sec­ondary just start­ed so lots of peo­ple are com­ing in from out of town, includ­ing girls

    2‑Girls look cuter in fall clothes

  2. Jeff… I’ve final­ly set­tled into my new house… when are you gonna come down?? (and see your old furniture/household items ran­dom­ly scat­tered around the house) haha

  3. @Tiana — I think you’re right on both accounts. Especially the sec­ond one; I was get­ting tired of all this sum­mer skimp. Bring on the girls in turtle­necks and sweaters!

    @Darren — When’s the Blonde Redhead Concert? Is it com­ing up soon? I still have some vaca­tion days left before the end of the year, so we’ll work some­thing out.

  4. It took me a few sec­onds to place that swing set in Unionville… I grew up just around the cor­ner from that play­ground.

  5. No way! I grew up about six blocks from there! What a coin­ci­dence! I went to St. Justin Martyr. As I’ve said before, Unionville became the new Chinatown.

    Where are you now? Are your par­ents still there?

  6. I went to Coledale for a cou­ple years and spent the rest of my ele­men­tary days at Berczy. I refer to Markham/Unionville as China 2.0 — After Pacific Mall came in, there was no turn­ing back.

    I’m in Waterloo now, liv­ing right next to Laurier. My par­ents are still in Unionville and I see them once every few months, prob­a­bly again in Thanksgiving. How often are you around there?

  7. I don’t go to Waterloo often (once, for the first time, in the last two years). As for Unionville I have no rea­son to go back as my par­ents are divorced and I’ve cut them out of my life. Occasionally I vis­it my friends though. We should def­i­nite­ly meet up. Or if you’re ever in the Ottawa area.

  8. Totally. I’m in Ottawa every once in a while and if a grant pro­pos­al goes through for a research project for a for­mer prof of mine, I’ll be mak­ing 3–4 trips there in 2008. Keeping my fin­gers crossed!

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