The Tao Tattoo

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To remind me to keep my chin up.

To remind me not to sweat the small stuff.

To remind me to live in accordance with the nature of things.

To remind me to stay balanced.

To remind me to decrease my wants.

To remind me to indulge myself every now and then.

To remind me that everything is as it should be.

To remind me to stop comparing myself to others.

To remind me not to use force against the world, and embrace the way of the universe.

To remind me to follow my own nature, and not the trappings of life.

To remind me that nothing really matters.

To remind me to have no claims to life.

To remind me to be spontaneous, deliberate, watchful, reverent, humble, pure, and accepting.

To remind me that heaven is found on earth.


  1. Nice. So where did you end up getting it done?

  2. Jay @ New Moon. I told him that you recommended him, and when he asked us what our connection was I said, “blogging”. :)

  3. real nice man looks good your first ??

  4. Thanks! Yep, the first and only thing I’d ever want.

  5. Now I’m sure he’ll make fun of me later!

  6. sweeeeeeet

    looks P.I.M.P !

  7. @Tiana — Actually, he laughed when I told him, and teased me a bit about it.

    @Darren — Your turn!

  8. It’s cool that it means so much to you.

  9. Beautiful. I`m a Taoist as well, and I`m considering getting my one and only tattoo (with Taoist meaning) soon. Congratulations.

  10. This is amazing. I had the same idea (I found this blog when looking up the calligraphy), but it may be a while before I get mine done because I’m too young. I find Taoism to be a beautiful religion, and I will be getting the calligraphy done (a little smaller) on the inside of my left wrist. That and a Native American picture of Kokapelli (sp?) will be the only tattoos I get.

  11. nice =) beautiful words

  12. This is awesome, looking for the pictorial ones though…

  13. Hi, I’m not sure how old this post is, as it doesn’t show dates.
    But I am looking to get a tattoo with taoist meaning, does the tattoo translate literally to ‘the tao’? Just wondering. Any feedback on it from you would be appreciated.

    • Yep, it’s “tao”. There’s no equivalent translation of “the” necessary in Chinese.

      • Thankyou :)

  14. everything you wrote here spoke to me and are things I have held as beliefs so strongly that I was shocked how similar they were.

  15. Im wondering if it would be in anyway offensive to the taoist community to get a tao tattoo because I’m not taoist. Don’t get me wrong….I’ve actually read the book and I absolutely love the history and the way taoists are so in tune with nature. I love the way they look at life. I also want to go to china so I want to get it to remind me to never give up on my dreams. What do you think? is it offensive or am I misusing tradition and religion?

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