Antipathy Never Came So Quickly

Try to put me down and make me feel bad. Do your best to make your­self look good.

Throw some advice my way (I’ll leave it). Assume you know me bet­ter than I know myself (what arro­gance!). Give me some food for thought, and believe you were any­thing more than a pass­ing fan­cy (but try to get over your­self).

My god, how wrong I was about you.


  1. i hope this isent bout me ;)
    oh and btw ur hun­gry go eat

  2. @Rob — Don’t wor­ry man, I’d tell you. You’re some­one who can accept the truth, instead of some­one who clings to the strength of their opin­ions and sees what they want to see.

    @amy — Nope, although inter­est­ing­ly enough, some­one else asked me this too.

  3. I know who this is about


    I’m at work.. sit­ting beside this dark haired lady.. just think­ing about you

  4. How I wish I were actu­al­ly there to talk with you.

  5. @Darren — Of course you know. You always know. :)

    @xibee — How I wish you were actu­al­ly here to talk with me.

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