Aaron's Bachelor Party

The bach­e­lor par­ty went bet­ter than I could have ever planned. Aaron want­ed a week­end where the grooms­men could bond with each oth­er so ini­tial plans were to head to Montreal, but I sug­gest­ed to host it at my house, where I felt like I had the most con­trol.

Friday night was drink­ing with every­one at the Honest Lawyer. We got the biggest table there, and for a cou­ple hours it felt like we owned the bar with our large and row­dy group. There was much tom­fool­ery to which our lips are sealed, as is the cus­tom for any bach­e­lor par­ty, the footage of which will for­ev­er be locked in the vault. There’s noth­ing wrong with a drink or three though.

I even moon­walked (or some rea­son­able fac­sim­i­le there­of) around the perime­ter of the bar, weav­ing between groups of peo­ple, put up by Pat for 10 points. He said the fun­ni­est thing was see­ing every­one’s reac­tion. I was too busy mak­ing sure I did­n’t bump into any­one to notice that peo­ple stopped what they were doing and turned their heads as I passed them. When I closed the cir­cle the table cheered and I felt all eyes in the place on me. Something I nor­mal­ly avoid at all costs, but I’d be lying if I said it did­n’t feel good.

Thumbnail: Best fries in the city 
Thumbnail: Table left 
Thumbnail: Table left 
Thumbnail: Table left 
Thumbnail: Trolley and Aaron 
Thumbnail: Row of drinks 

It was also a meet­ing of the four boss­es, the last time of which was almost a year ago dur­ing the birth­day rounds. I was com­fort­ed know­ing that Aaron was at my front, Trolley to his right, and Pat to mine at the table. The next meet­ing will be at the wed­ding itself this week­end. Exciting!

By Saturday we reduced to the core group for the rest of the tour­na­ment, which was grooms­men and MC. You know you’re old when con­ver­sa­tion over break­fast is main­ly about bacon, arts and crafts, and cook­ing shows. The pound of bacon chal­lenge was worth 5 points, as evi­denced by the plate ded­i­cat­ed to pork, which Aaron and Rob eas­i­ly achieved.

Even though he did­n’t show up until Saturday after­noon, I got to meet Jay, who was the only one out of Aaron’s crew that I had­n’t met. The rest of the week­end was spent game play­ing, Nerf war­ring, ulti­mate fight­ing in the back­yard, and hang­ing out.

Thumbnail: Us being silly 1 
Thumbnail: Us being silly 2 
Thumbnail: Us being silly 3 
Thumbnail: Us being silly 4 

In the end, there just was­n’t enough time to do every­thing planned. I was also spread­ing myself thin between record­ing video, tak­ing pho­tos, and act­ing as organizer/host. Sometimes I wish I could be part of the action, but it’s more worth it to me to make sure the right angles, focus, com­po­si­tions are tak­en. Still an absolute blast.


  1. love the edi­to­r­i­al shots you got there of the grooms par­ty, with the redish wall…very nice!

    I used to make a TON of lil’ video clips like the ones you made, using pre­miere pro (adobe). THAT was my big hobby/passion…editing video.

    hard­ly have time for it any­more, that when I do, I fart around sooo much remem­ber­ing how to use pre­miere pro..I hard­ly get any­thing done.

    Did I tell you I was hired as an edi­tor once? I edit­ed a full length extreme mtn. bike movie. Took me 3 months work­ing on it every­day after work (my ‘real’ job). The movie turned out wicked..too bad the pro­duc­er was lame with his mar­ket­ing skills.…. but the video is kick­ass wicked!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ketchup on lob­ster? Surely not. Sacrelige!

    Great post and pho­tos. I’m sor­ry I did­n’t get your moon­walk on tape :(.

  3. Wow, looks like you had a ton of fun! I wish I could moon­walk. Haha.

  4. Nick: Perhaps we can con­vince Jeff to moon­walk around the recep­tion hall at the wed­ding and get it on video then!!!

  5. @amy — Thanks…the pic­tures did­n’t turn out as well as I would have liked. Everything was real­ly rushed, so there’s a lot of pic­tures that did­n’t make it just because my shut­ter speed was wrong or there was too much noise.

    Premier is def­i­nite­ly not a begin­ners edit­ing pro­gram.

    @nick — I said that I could under­stand the ketchup on lob­ster, not that I’d do it myself. ;)

    Don’t wor­ry about the moon­walk thing…maybe it was best that no saw that.

    @Aaron — Good luck bud­dy!

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