New Hampshire: Part 3

Thumbnail: New Hampshire Part 3


  1. I haven’t been to the States since young times, but I remem­ber their hotel pools being way more chlo­ri­nat­ed than ours. The sta­tion­ary looks about the same though.

  2. I real­ly like this pho­to essay of yours!

  3. @Reno — I’ve been to hotels in Ontario that were chlo­ri­nat­ed to the point that you could­n’t breathe when you walked in the front door. I think it just varies from hotel to hotel. Stationary is pret­ty uni­ver­sal though.

    @perl — Thank you. This is an exper­i­men­tal medi­um for me. Captions are more of a com­ment on what has hap­pened, but I want­ed to put my thoughts in con­text. In the moment. I also need­ed a for­mat that was quick to update, due to short­age of time.

  4. The post­card-like post real­ly works.

  5. Thanks. The biggest chal­lenge is keep­ing in mind that I need to com­pose the pic­ture where I have enough space to place a block of text with mono­chro­mat­ic con­trast.

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