A Change Of Tea

So I was­n’t being com­plete­ly hon­est when I said no more tea. I’d sim­ply switched from black to orange tea. Even that did­n’t work though, and a mild pan­ic attack had me down to even lighter, Chinese tea.

A warm, relax­ing mug can be rather addict­ing.

Thumbnail: Green tea
Thumbnail: Longjing
Thumbnail: Rose green tea
Thumbnail: Green tea mug
Thumbnail: Leaves macro

The great thing about tea is that it does­n’t just taste good, it serves a pur­pose. Cleanses the palette. Aids diges­tion. Combats the Yang of greasy foods with Yin. Green tea in the morn­ing serves to awak­en the sens­es. Longjing calms the mind at night.

The steep­ing process is beau­ti­ful. Green tea is espe­cial­ly prone to scorch­ing, so the water can’t be too hot, or the tea will turn bit­ter. Not hot enough, and the leaves won’t ful­ly release their flavour.

Note: Each frame of the video is a dif­fer­ent pho­to­graph, tak­en five sec­onds apart. About thir­ty min­utes in total.


  1. Wow,
    Image 4 of 5 of this entry is prob­a­bly one of my favorite pic­tures you’ve ever tak­en. I’m not too sure why I’m drawn to it, but I find the pic­ture so pure, fresh, and clean.

    I also like how your first three pic­tures are so well even­ly bal­anced and give me a con­stant sta­ble feel­ing when I flip back and forth through them.

    Good stuff, I’m very impressed.

  2. Oh that’s fun. I love time lapse. Thanks for fram­ing that. :)

  3. @Pat — Thanks man, I know that if you make a com­ment (and you don’t call me instead), it’s gonna be impor­tant. :)

    @Pearl — I want­ed to cre­ate a tea ani­ma­tion for a while now, but nev­er found the right con­di­tions. At first I tried using a sim­ple video recorder, but it did­n’t give me the qual­i­ty that I was look­ing for. It was­n’t a very tele­pho­to lens either, so the recorder had to be close to the mug, cre­at­ing a prob­lem with the steam. The still cam­era end­ed up being the best, although most dif­fi­cult, solu­tion.

    Thanks for enjoy­ing it. :)

  4. The time lapse turned out to be so beau­ti­ful. My mom was very impressed with your patience! She says, “you’re the man!” …I’ll leave it at that.

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