The Cutest Thing

At the Tai Chi stu­dio, bath­rooms are shared with an account­ing office in the same build­ing.

Yesterday I found out that the keys aren’t labeled “Men” and “Women”, they say Yin and Yang.


  1. Being com­plete­ly clue­less, I would just have to hold it till I got home.

  2. lol. At least I’d prob­a­bly final­ly tell my ying from my yang.

  3. Yin is the female aspect, and Yang is the male aspect. They prob­a­bly do that to test their stu­dents — only the enlight­ened ones can go.

  4. As a future accoun­tant, this sounds scary. I would prob­a­bly end­ing up using Yang though because it rhymes with wang? Hardly a con­crete solu­tion, but I made the mis­take once in mid­dle school, and the lack of uri­nals sends you on the right path pret­ty much rigth away.

  5. haha! I thought of the wang + yang con­nec­tion as well.

  6. That’s a great way to remem­ber it! Makes me won­der if my mas­ter uses the same word asso­ci­a­tion trick.

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