Cold And Sterile

Thumbnail: Circular ceiling
Thumbnail: Seeing around corners
Thumbnail: Geometric roof
Thumbnail: Campus stairs
Thumbnail: Map reader

The cam­pus life when you’re just a num­ber, when you choose not to par­ty with all the brain­less idiots, when uni­ver­si­ty is just anoth­er awk­ward tran­si­tion out of high school.

I remem­ber this.


  1. awe­some, just awe­some!

  2. Holy shit, you must be as tired as I am today.

  3. cheap fur­ni­tures

  4. Hi, i just find ur web­site and i just wan­na say u have great pic­tures here.
    My fave is this B/W pic­tures. Amazing!

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