New Years At Home

Thumbnail: Table settings
Thumbnail: Genseng bins
Thumbnail: House of flying daggers
Thumbnail: Lemon squares
Thumbnail: Little Buddhas
Thumbnail: Tiger shrimp
Thumbnail: Snuff bottle
Thumbnail: Soup for one
Thumbnail: Pacific store

I’m final­ly in my own house again. Going to Toronto means I give up the com­fort of my kit­ty, my com­put­er, and my envelop­ing duvet for a few days of authen­tic Chinese food, real Chinese kung fu movies, silk­worm sheets, and a few moments of fam­i­ly dys­func­tion every now and then.

Time at home left me drained. Turns out that I had an extra par­ty to go to, and this year, I pulled myself up to go box­ing day shop­ping. It was killer on five hours of sleep, but def­i­nite­ly worth it, my best score of clothes in years. Mom was run­ning around every spare moment, prepar­ing food for over 40 peo­ple for the New Years Party, while dad prac­ticed his karaoke between runs for gro­ceries. There were two nights that I sat by myself and enjoyed the new pro­jec­tor, and it was the most relax­ing time I had dur­ing my stay.

As nice as it is to get away, I’m glad this only comes around once a year.


  1. It’s nice to be home sur­round­ed by your own stuff! Again, bril­liant pho­tog­ra­phy Jeff. It tru­ly inspires me.

  2. There is still no place like home for the Holidays…or most any oth­er time of year. Agreed, glad it only comes once a year.

    The pho­to at top right posi­tion does not fit in theme or feel­ing with oth­ers.

  3. Rand, the pho­to at the top right isn’t a pho­to at all. It’s a screen cap­ture from the movie House of Flying Daggers, which I was using as an exam­ple of “real Chinese kung fu movies” since I watched it dur­ing my stay. I defi­nate­ly wish I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take a pic­ture of such a beau­ti­ful set­ting with great cos­tumes.

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