Taking Care Of Chaos

Thumbnail: Chaos looks

Took care of Chaos over the week­end. Karen’s off in Toronto for a month, and Aaron went to vis­it Greg (who joined the reserves). Chaos is get­ting a lot big­ger, and even though he’s not quite an adult yet, he’s get­ting more and more dif­fi­cult to lift.

Thumbnail: Chaos sniffs

I’ve been think­ing about a sec­ond cat, ever since Shirley sus­pect­ed that her cats were giv­ing her chil­dren aller­gies. We were play­ing around with the idea of me adopt­ing one of them (the younger male), and she already told her kids that one of the cats may be going. Unfortunately, she found a bald spot on him, and needs to get him checked out first. If the vet vis­it goes alright, then we may do a one-month tri­al, to make sure that he gets along with both Dolly and Nala. I’m still not sure if I’m up for the com­mit­ment though. Dolly is enough of a hand­ful already, and I seem to be get­ting busier every day.


  1. Actually he’s not in the Reserves, he’s in the Army.

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