A Few Memories Of Home, Part 2

Thumbnail: The alcohol wall
Thumbnail: Fall petals
Thumbnail: Dried flowers
Thumbnail: More dried flowers
Thumbnail: Koala bear statue
Thumbnail: Perfume collection
Thumbnail: Piano
Thumbnail: Teapot collection

The sec­ond set of my house pic­tures. I’d lived in that house for so long, I grew accus­tomed to it’s beau­ty. It’s only after liv­ing in stu­dent hous­ing, res­i­dence, town hous­es, that I under­stand how well off I had it at home. My favourite pic­ture is the one with the koala stat­ue, which I bought while vaca­tion­ing in Sydney. The colours are just per­fect, and I like how the can­dle­sticks stretch out in sub­tle arch­es, as if they were bend­ing out­wards.

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  1. It does seem like you nev­er ful­ly appre­ci­ate what you have until you don’t real­ly have it any­more. I like the koala stat­ue myself.

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