A Few Memories Of Home, Part 1

Thumbnail: Living room couch
Thumbnail: Home theatre couch
Thumbnail: Couch cushions
Thumbnail: Dining room candles
Thumbnail: Family room candles
Thumbnail: Flower pot
Thumbnail: Bathroom mirror
Thumbnail: Entrance tiles

I decid­ed to make the best of my time while I’m home for the hol­i­days and bor­row my dad’s EOS Digital Rebel, just like last December when I was in Hong Kong. I swear, the urge to buy one of these is over­whelm­ing, and I was very seri­ous­ly con­sid­er­ing it until I real­ized that I can make due with my S410 Elph until I have cash to drop on a nice SLR.

Almost every room at home has a dif­fer­ent mood and style, which is real­ly what I tried to cap­ture in the pic­tures, whether it’s due to the wall colour (most promi­nent), the fur­ni­ture, or the light­ing. This is part one of two; I have anoth­er set of pic­tures that’s com­prised main­ly of var­i­ous objects around the house, instead of gen­er­al set­tings of this set.


  1. I think the abil­i­ty of mak­ing an ugly sub­ject beau­ti­ful will come eas­i­ly to you.

  2. Your pho­tographs are stun­ning. They are sat­u­rat­ed with a sense of style and beau­ty that betray some­one with a great sense of aes­thet­ic.

  3. Wow, thanks a lot to the both of you, but I think that the cam­era did most of the work. It’s hard to take a bad pic­ture with the Rebel. If I did smi­ley faces I’d put one here.

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