It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas

This does­n’t feel like Christmas to me. I’m not sure why, but the fact that it’s so close to the 25th still has­n’t clicked in yet. Maybe it’s because I decid­ed not to buy presents for any­one this year. Maybe it’s because this is my first year work­ing full-time and I’m used to hav­ing a longer run­ning break before the big two-five. Maybe it’s because I’ve been too busy to relax, run­ning around, mak­ing plans at the last sec­ond. This is usu­al­ly my favourite time of the year, but I haven’t had any time to enjoy it.

I had the hard­est time decid­ing on what to do for new years. At first, I was just going to spend it by myself at my apart­ment. I don’t real­ly have a rea­son to cel­e­brate, and if I was, it would be with my five clos­est friends ONLY so that I would­n’t have to deal with ANY moron­ic peo­ple. The only prob­lem is that three of them won’t even be in the city, and the oth­er two are too social to be spend­ing it with me and my select com­pa­ny. Perhaps one year, my friends will indulge me (after tir­ing of large par­ties) and we will have an inti­mate gath­er­ing. I think I’ll start plan­ning for next year before every­one moves off to start their careers and their fam­i­lies.

Aaron expressed his desire for my atten­dance at his new years cel­e­bra­tion and I even­tu­al­ly agreed. I was hes­i­tant at first, because, to be hon­est, I haven’t enjoyed the com­pa­ny Aaron has had over for his din­ners late­ly. I’m one who’s always believed that it’s the com­pa­ny that makes things enjoy­able, not the activ­i­ties. Stick me in a room with my friends and we can have fun doing any­thing. Stick me in a room with a sin­gle per­son I dis­like, and I’ll be mis­er­able no mat­ter what. The agi­tat­ing guests aren’t Aaron’s fault, of course, or the fault of the guests them­selves. I’m an intol­er­ant per­son.

And I’m work­ing on it.

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