So, what I meant to say was that I got a hair­cut. Due to a series of bad expe­ri­ences, I gen­er­al­ly don’t trust women to cut my hair, but Josée is dif­fer­ent. She’s sar­cas­ti­cal­ly fun­ny, she’s cute (Trolley thinks her eyes stand out the most), and she does a great job with tex­ture. I also feel com­fort­able sit­ting in her chair, talk­ing or not, and don’t have to wor­ry about her think­ing that I’m try­ing to get in her pants (a wor­ry, due to yet anoth­er series of bad expe­ri­ences) because she’s not stu­pid­ly fuck­ing self-absorbed like so many oth­er girls are.

What I real­ly want­ed to talk about, though, is the dis­count she told the recep­tion­ist to give me. The dis­count came in the form of stu­dent rates, although I’m not a stu­dent any­more, and she knows this because we dis­cussed it dur­ing the tex­tur­iz­ing process. I’m not sure if she did it know­ing­ly and I don’t like to take advan­tage of any­one, but I also don’t want to men­tion the fact that I don’t deserve the dis­count in case she did it on pur­pose. I thought about it for a few days, and even­tu­al­ly decid­ed that she most like­ly act­ed out of gen­eros­i­ty, and the next time it hap­pens, I would leave her an extra tip so she could share in that gen­eros­i­ty.

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