Tuborg On The Shelf

Thumbnail: Tuborg on the shelf

Trolley left his Tuborg in my room tonight, but I pur­pose­ly did­n’t tell him so that I could have a chance to talk with him when he remem­bered where it was.


  1. Knowing Trolley, he prob­a­bly just came in and took his beer back and went back to his room.

    For Trolley, beer is busi­ness.

  2. Ah, Tuborg brings back mem­o­ries! This nos­tal­gic blog post cap­tures the essence of enjoy­ing a clas­sic beer like Tuborg. It’s always inter­est­ing to hear per­son­al sto­ries and con­nec­tions to spe­cif­ic brands or prod­ucts. Thanks for shar­ing your expe­ri­ence and tak­ing us on a trip down mem­o­ry lane!

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