Ghost World

I usu­al­ly have to be in a very spe­cif­ic mood to watch Ghost World, but some­thing about it is strik­ing a chord with me right now, and this time it’s not just SJs sullen voice. The humour is dri­er than Rushmore, which says some­thing about the skills of Terry Zwigoff’s as a direc­tor. The risk of unsat­u­rat­ed humour is that it very eas­i­ly goes unrec­og­nized, espe­cial­ly with­out a laugh track. The last time I watched Ghost World was before I ever saw Mr. Show, so it’s only now that I can real­ly appre­ci­ate David Cross’s cameo per­for­mance.

Seymour is my god, cause it’s obvi­ous­ly him and he does­n’t care.

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