Bon Echo '04

Went camp­ing again, most like­ly the last time for the year. I’ve dis­cov­ered that I’m too much of a city slick­er to keep up with the oth­ers; I miss show­er­ing too much. The camp­ground was nice, but the paved roads and wash­ing machines sort of took away from the entire out­doors expe­ri­ence. Of course, we also had com­fort sta­tions, lighters, pre-chopped fire­wood, and fresh water taps, so it’s not like we were hard­core camp­ing any­way. It’s good to be able to get away every once in a while, to places with no com­put­ers or cell phone ser­vice, but once or twice a year is enough for me.

Bon Echo '04 Day woods

Bon Echo '04 Night woods

The woods were great. Trees stood taller than any I’ve ever seen, and the made the sur­round­ing areas thick with veg­e­ta­tion. The entire camp­ground was gigan­tic, with mul­ti­ple beach­es, qui­et areas, rock climb­ing, and cliff div­ing.

Bon Echo '04 Aaron as trucker

And Aaron pre­tend­ed to be a truck­er. The sto­ry behind the hat: Trolley got a free Hurley hat with a pur­chase he made. Trolley hates truck­er hats though cause he can’t pull them off, and was going to sell it on eBay. Aaron saw it one day when he was over, and tried it on (cause he always tries on the most ridicu­lous things as a joke). Somehow it works for him, although the hat must be worn high on the head and slight­ly tilt­ed to the right.


  1. Hey, at least you guys did­n’t have to hike in 10 min­utes in the dark to find your site.

  2. I don’t hate them cause I can’t pull them off, I’m just sick of this whole “retro” kick every­one is on.

  3. Yeah, I think that get­ting to a site dur­ing the day is key for the “qui­et areas”.

    And I stand cor­rect­ed about the hat. It’s just me who hates them cause I can’t pull them off. And they look stu­pid. And Aaron sucks too.

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