One Out Of Two Ain't Bad

Just fin­ished writ­ing my eco­nom­ics exam. I found out last night that the exam was at 9:00 am instead of 2:00 pm. Usually, I make a last minute check of the sched­ule before I go to sleep the day before, so it was a shock. The last few hours before an exam are inte­gral in my abil­i­ty to pass, so my plan to study with Aaron basi­cal­ly fell through.

I have no idea how well I did though. Going in, I was think­ing that it would be a sure fail, but I end­ed up con­fi­dent­ly answer­ing the major­i­ty of the ques­tions. I only read through the mate­r­i­al once, and did­n’t do any review. If I do some­how end up pass­ing this course, than either:

  • I can remem­ber 90% of what I under­stand or
  • eco­nom­ics is a real­ly easy pro­gram com­pared to comp sci, or
  • first year cours­es are extreme­ly sim­ple after pass­ing fourth year ones, or
  • there was some sort of divine inter­ven­tion

I’ve decid­ed that just pass­ing one of my cours­es will my sat­is­fy­ing. That way the term won’t be a com­plete waste.

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