The Awareness Of Freedom

Thumbnail: Lincoln Fields bus station

OC Transpo buses


Freedom from what has been a shroud, not a weight, on my mind for as long as I’ve known. Tonight con­firmed what was sus­pect­ed for weeks, when I stepped out into shad­ows and lights, and walked through a dry field against the dark­ness.

A rush. The feel­ing of hav­ing every­thing to gain and noth­ing to lose. That I can start liv­ing now.

Freedom in the soli­tude.


  1. I’d assumed Hurdman :P

  2. Hurdman is nev­er emp­ty like that, no mat­ter what time of day!

  3. i think no oth­er sta­tion is long as lin­coln fields.. so it was a good guess :)

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