The Weight Barrier

Somehow, I’m at an all-time high of 117 lb. In the last three years I’ve been fluc­tu­at­ing between 114–115, no mat­ter how much or how lit­tle I ate. I nev­er even imag­ined that I’d break the 115 bar­ri­er, so sud­den­ly find­ing out that I was this…“heavy” came as a huge sur­prise. I’m guess­ing that it’s my metab­o­lism adjust­ing to being on a reg­u­lar sched­ule of three meals a day now, on top of the extra exer­cise that caus­es me to eat like a BEAST.

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  1. Holy shit!!! I weigh uh… 130. You got me beat there :)
    Doing a lot of phys­i­cal work will increase your metab­o­lism, no mat­ter how much you actu­al­ly eat. So even if you’re eat­ing a lot more than the aver­age per­son, it’s made up by the crazy metab­o­lism you estab­lish doing all that exer­cise.

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