Unsuprising Inevitable

Somehow, Aaron talked me into a doc­tors appoint­ment for a gen­er­al phys­i­cal exam­i­na­tion, some­thing I’ve been avoid­ing for years now. Turns out noth­ing is wrong, as far as the doc­tor can tell, and I opt­ed to skip the blood test. I brought up some issues I thought I might have, but he waved them off as being fair­ly nor­mal. I was­n’t too ner­vous because every­thing in my life seems to be going fine, so some bad news would­n’t have hurt (as opposed to before, where it would have been anoth­er prob­lem added to my list). I was look­ing for­ward to some bad news actu­al­ly, as if con­ve­nient­ly hav­ing it now would mean that I’d be free for anoth­er few years.

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