The Alcohol Culture In Hong Kong

Oddly enough, Pabst Blue Ribbon is one of the cheap­er beers here and Budweiser is one of the more expen­sive. Drinking is sim­ply not part of the cul­ture here, so no one checks for ID since there’s no age lim­it. There’s a lot of smok­ing though, most­ly for image. People walk around with cig­a­rettes hang­ing out their mouths, and just have one every now and then, instead of need­ing cig­a­rette breaks every hour.

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  1. I did­n’t real­ize the Drinking Culture thing until I left home~ I think it is some­thing strange because like oth­er Asian cul­tures got some kin­da drink­ing cul­ture too… except the Honkies (HK’ers), or the Chinese (Not entire­ly sure about this though.)

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