Shopping For Movies

The only movie I haven’t been able to find on DVD in the last four years that I real­ly want­ed was Nell. Fox decid­ed that they aren’t going to release it to DVD, which is too bad since I don’t have a VCR, and would­n’t real­ly want to buy it on VHS if I did any­way. I was able to find it here on VCD, for the first time ever, so my col­lec­tion is now com­plete. Nell must be the only movie I own with a clean, hap­py end­ing.

On a relat­ed note, I bought the Three Colors Trilogy today, com­prised of Bleu, Rouge, and Blanc. I don’t real­ly con­sid­er it an essen­tial part of my col­lec­tion, but def­i­nite­ly a box set well worth hav­ing, espe­cial­ly since it’s only $50 CAD, tax free.

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