Non-Drinking Test Run

Aaron and I tried a “non drink­ing” test run at the Honest Lawyer yes­ter­day. I’ve nev­er real­ly need­ed alco­hol to have a good time around peo­ple like Aaron and Trolley. For some rea­son I already get pret­ty hyper and already act crazy around them, like I’m an ener­gy sink. I’ve always viewed alco­hol as anoth­er tax that I was shelling out for, like cig­a­rettes or lot­tery tick­ets for some.

It was good to be more con­scious about every­thing going on and not have to feel like shit the next day. Aaron wants to try giv­ing it up alto­geth­er or drink­ing every oth­er time we go out, but I’m pret­ty fine with cold turkey. I doubt I can com­plete­ly give it up, espe­cial­ly since red wine goes with my beef spaghet­ti so well and the fact that so much alco­hol tastes so good by itself, but I’ve nev­er real­ly felt the need to swig the liq­uid courage. The crav­ing for an occa­sion­al binge will always be there, of course, but those are few and far between.

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  1. So so sick of drink­ing. Glad oth­ers are see­ing it that way too.

    Much rather have a nice cup of tea or some­thing, more social, and con­ver­sa­tions had sober­ly turn out to be much more in-depth and on-top­ic.

    Small talk is for peo­ple who do not feel com­fort­able around one anoth­er, not friends.

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