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I had no idea what I was going to name this entry until I saw Shaolin Soccer again.

I’ve dis­cussed weak­ness in the past, and how it is frus­trat­ing to be a “weak per­son”. Now I real­ize that I’ve con­fused weak­ness with accep­tance, that accep­tance is not a sign of weak­ness but of strength.

It’s not easy to accept some­thing that is imposed. Sometimes it is all that can be done and one must allow a cer­tain dis­com­fort involved to be present. Sometimes accept­ing is the best solu­tion, even though one may not like it. However, it’s easy to be a weak per­son. It’s easy to give in, easy to let things go. The dif­fer­ence lies in how much of our­selves we give up and how much we’re will­ing to give up, and being able to dis­tin­guish the two becomes a task based on expe­ri­ence and the peo­ple involved.

I believe that I’ve been both weak and accept­ing in the past. Both are still pos­si­ble, although I think that I’m more accept­ing now due to an increase in con­fi­dence.

Being able to dis­tin­guish the two in myself has become ever hard­er.


  1. Whatever Man!

    You need to get some balls and decide what is impor­tant in life. So life is hard.

    Yes, some­times you may run into a wall that may keep you from your goals or well the world in gen­er­al is a ‘screwed up’ place and you just have to deal with things as they come along know­ing solu­tions may be around the cor­ner.

    Just say to your­self- “Whatever”! “ That’s Kewl”.

    Surely a sim­plis­tic devise to cope- but your blood pres­sure will drop and “Whatever Man”, just deal with life till you come up with your own solu­tions and don’t be a “Door Mat”.


    Mishka Alexander Dragon

  2. I think my point here has been com­plete­ly missed.

    Unfortunately, the “So life is hard” sen­tence is incom­plete, and it seems to be at a point in the com­ment that makes it impor­tant, so I’m not sure I under­stand the of the com­ment point in turn. “So, life is hard, so what”? “So life is hard, that’s what you should expect”? “So life is hard, kill your­self”? “So life is hard, get used to it”?

    I fail to see how “grow­ing some balls” is relat­ed to “decid­ing what is impor­tant in life” unless one makes such a deci­sion based on balls, but again, I’m not sure. I’ve already decid­ed what’s impor­tant in my life and this isn’t relat­ed to the exces­sive­ly ginor­mous size of my gene­talia (I speak only in jest here, the wang I’m refer­ring to is only a 1/18th scale of the actu­al size).

    I’m also not sure what is con­sti­tut­ed as being a “door mat”, but I’m assum­ing that it means being some­one who is tak­en advan­tage of, since it con­jures up the metaphor­ic “being walked all over” image. However, I still fail to see how this is relat­ed to the rest of the argu­ment and say­ing “Whatever man”. I already have my ways of cop­ing with things, a pri­ma­ry one being the log­ging of it here, and they work fair­ly well.

    And yet this all has noth­ing to do with what I orig­i­nal­ly post­ed, which was a dis­cus­sion on accep­tance and com­pro­mise with­in a rela­tion­ship. I sup­pose the mis­in­ter­pre­ta­tion is par­tial­ly my fault; I try to write as equiv­o­cal­ly as pos­si­ble for per­son­al rea­sons. However, I speak of myself as hav­ing gained con­fi­dence, hav­ing been a stronger per­son than before, and this is still seen as not hav­ing any guts (which does­n’t real­ly have any­thing to do with what I was talk­ing about any­way). I’m won­der­ing if my entry was sim­ply skimmed over with­out any sort of actu­al under­stand­ing of what was being said.

    I seri­ous­ly hope this com­ment was a joke, that M. Dragon has­n’t come out of his/her teens yet, or that my entry was read after drop­ping two tabs of acid (while lis­ten­ing to some Plastikman). I haven’t been told to get some balls since high school.

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