Ass Kickin' Fat Kid

I’ve been a fre­quent read­er of the Tool FAQ for a while now, even though it has­n’t been updat­ed in more than two years. I remem­ber read­ing a long time ago about Maynard’s side projects and find­ing out about his fake band Titannica for the movie Run Ronnie Run. I had no idea what this was at the time, but have since been intro­duced to Mr. Show by Jackee and seen Run Ronnie Run. The fake band fea­tures Anthrax gui­tarist Scott Ian and Hole sub-drum­mer Samantha Maloney as well, and only has one song out called Ass Kickin’ Fat Kid. The song comes on dur­ing one of the best scenes in the movie, an over­ly pro­duced fight scene involv­ing a rather cor­pu­lent video game play­ing teenag­er.

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